Confederation and cantons in focus

Obsan offers its services to the State and to politically neutral institutions.

Obsan offers its standard products mainly to the cantons. These include health reports and planning instruments for hospitals and nursing homes.

At the federal level, in addition to its partnership with the Swiss Federal Statistical Office, Obsan has a partnership with, in particular, the Federal Office of Public Health. This collaboration takes place by means of analysis projects.

Obsan also provides services to politically neutral institutions, for instance Health Promotion Switzerland.

Generally, Obsan does not offer its services to political parties, associations of interested persons or private companies. As a public institution, Obsan provides services that private consulting firms do not offer.

Contracts according to needs

Obsan has a standard contract with some of the cantons. The advantage of these contracts, which are valid for several years, is that cooperation with the cantons can be intensified and planned over a longer period. Furthermore, Obsan's services can be obtained on preferential terms. Obsan has concluded a standard contract with 18 cantons for the contractual period 2016–2020.

Beside these standard contracts, contracting parties can also conclude service-based contracts with Obsan. They define the services provided by Obsan in the framework of specific projects and analyses.