The Swiss Health Care System

Obsan has updated the country profile Switzerland of the Commonwealth Fund. This profile as well as an overview of 18 other health systems can be found here:

The Swiss Health Care System

"nurses at work": Who is staying in the profession and who is leaving?

A major study conducted in the country's three regions asked health professionals their reasons for staying in or for leaving the health sector. This factsheet describes the study's approach and presents the main findings.

Obsan Bulletin 8/2016

National Health Report 2015

The health care system geared towards chronic diseases

The Swiss health care system is confronted with major challenges in order to best cope with the greatly increasing numbers of chronically ill persons. The National Health Report 2015 outlines constructive measures for optimisation and steps that have already been taken. Furthermore the National Health Report provides an up-to-date picture of the Swiss population's health by evaluating a large number of health-related indicators covering the whole life span.

Publications in English

Obsan Bulletin 8/2016
Véronique Addor, René Schwendimann, Jacques-Antoine Gauthier, Boris Wernli, Dalit Jäckel, Adeline Paignon
How many health professionals will the Swiss healthcare system need by 2030?
Hélène Jaccard Ruedin, France Weaver
National Health Report 2008
Obsan Bulletin