Support for the cantons and the Confederation

The Swiss Health Observatory (Obsan) analyses the available health related information in Switzerland. It provides support for the Confederation, the cantons and other health service institutions in their planning, decision making and actions.

Obsan is actively engaged in six health themes: "Health of the population", "mental health", "age and long-term care", "health system", " health professionals" and "costs and financing". Obsan makes its results available to the Confederation, the cantons and other institutions in the area of the health system. It also carries out customised analyse.

Obsan tasks

  • Process and evaluate the available data and information about the health status of the population and about the health system.
  • Make available relevant, scientifically reliable data and information about health in a user friendly form.
  • Compile, analyse and present health data and information so as to support health-policy planning and decision-making, to be able to evaluate measures, health services and health care structures and to highlight the health problems of the population at large.
  • In the event of gaps and shortcomings in existing health data, suggest improvements to and innovations in data surveys and registers.

The Swiss Health Observatory does not conduct statistical surveys itself, but concentrates on using existing data.